February 2021 Product Recap

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This month is all about Appointments at Keap! Check out the brand new Zoom integration and custom appointment reminders inside the Easy Automation builder.

Improved Saved Search (Max Classic)
New Ecommerce Setup Page (Max Classic)
Improved Reporting for Multiple Tags (Max Classic, Max, Pro)
Zoom Integration (Max, Pro, Lite)
Custom Appointment Reminders (Max, Pro, Lite)
Preset Appointment Types (Max, Pro, Lite)
Appointment User Time Zone Settings (Max, Pro, Lite)
Mobile: New Appointments Design (Max, Pro, Lite)
Improved Contact Sorting (Max, Pro, Lite)
Real Time Validation on Web Forms (Max Classic, Max, Pro)
Nexus Merchants in Payments (Max, Pro, Lite)
New Tracking Link in Emails (Max Classic, Max, Pro, Lite)