February 18, 2021 | Keap

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Payments update: Nexus Merchants available for payment processing

Nexus Merchants is now available as a payment processor in Lite, Pro, and Max. Nexus Merchants provides a bridge with popular merchant accounts such as Braintree and Network Merchants (NMI) and was previously an exclusive processor for Max Classic. Learn more.

Updates to Keap’s email tracking links

We are beginning to roll out new domains for Keap’s email tracking links and will transition to these new domains over the next 30-60 days. This will not directly impact your emails or application, though if you hover over links in sent emails you may notice a domain of “keap-link001.com through keap-link010.com” instead of the old “infusion-links.com domain.”

Appointments update: Two default appointment types 

When you connect your calendar to Keap for the first time, we’ll automatically create 2 commonly-used appointment types for you: a 15-minute “Initial Consultation” and a 60-minute “Coaching Call.” Be sure to edit them to work for your needs, and you’re all set to start meeting with your contacts! Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • After sending an invoice for $0.00, the contact record displayed the invoice as being in unsent and in “draft” mode. (Known Issue 2285352)
  • When a web form’s font size and family were changed in the “Layout and Style” section, those changes weren’t applied to checkbox snippets. (Known Issue 2314430)
  • Customers searching for a company in the company field on the contact record or on the Companies list would not receive a complete list of results if they had a large number of companies.