April 2, 2020 | Keap

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Introducing: Keap mobile for Android

We’re really excited about this one and hope you are, too. Keap mobile for Android is officially here! Effortlessly manage your contacts and tasks, send and receive unlimited phone calls and text messages with editable auto-replies, and get notifications to stay on top of your follow ups. Learn more.

Appointments update: Small improvements to appointment type settings

It’s now easier to set your availability with input fields rather than dropdown lists. The team also added improvements to error states to help you understand where you are and aren’t available, and to ensure logical timeframes. Hooray for small improvements! Learn more.  

Bug Fixes

  • Orders paid through PayPal previously failed to recharge after initial subscriptions and payment plan setups. (Known Issue 1883672)
  • Tags were not applied during contact imports if the user performing the import had the Staff role. Staff users are no longer able to import contacts as a result of this fix. Any user with a Manager role or higher can adjust the Staff user's role if necessary. Learn more. (Known Issue 1964641)