April 30, 2020 | Keap

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Contact Record update: Increased character limit for Notes

A lot can happen in one call or meeting, so we removed the 275 character limit for your contact Notes. Now you can keep all the important information for a contact in one place.

Money Update: Full-screen Quote and Invoice builders

We're making space for upcoming additions to Quotes and Invoices. With this release, we've moved to a full-screen view giving you the ability to see everything in one view. This is a common trend across the product, which we hope will result in a more comfortable experience throughout.

Bug Fixes

  • If your application had no available user licenses, Partners  who had previously been deactivated could not be reactivated. (Known Issue 2006714)
  • Your Dashboard’s Get Paid widget was showing the amount of all paid invoices next to "Invoices Paid in the last 30 days", not just invoices paid in the last 30 days.