November 10, 2022 | Keap

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Text message price reduction

If you haven’t incorporated text messages into your marketing strategy, now is the time! The cost per text message has dropped from $0.04 per message to $0.015, and you still get your free allotment of text messages every billing cycle. Learn more.

Add a contact button from search

When using the global search, if the search criteria doesn't return any contacts, there is now a button to add a new contact. Learn more.

Click to view results from quick search

When you search for contacts and see a list of similar results, you can click the new View results button to view the search results in a list. This lets you go through your search results more easily instead of viewing one contact at a time and then searching again. Learn more.

Email address validation

When a contact is created or an email address is edited on the Contact record, the email address is now automatically checked to make sure it is a valid email address. If the email is formatted incorrectly (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected]) you will be prompted to correct the address before saving. An email address will have its status is set to 'Opt-Out: System' if the address is on a restricted domain list that cannot receive bulk marketing emails ([email protected]). Check out the video to learn more

Bug Fixes

  • When you're viewing tagged contacts from settings > tags, and then scroll down to view more contacts, the page looks like it's stuck loading.

  • Sending a text message that includes the text 11/15 and 12/15, will display 11/15">15 and 12/15 in the conversation thread in the browser. The text message itself will not include the extra characters.