November 17, 2022 | Keap

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Keap Marketing Number Validation

Toll-Free Message Verification is currently required in the U.S and Canada by telecom carriers. Next time you send a text message broadcast, you will be prompted with a verification form to add or update your information before using your Keap Marketing Number. Learn More

Bug Fixes

  • When an invoice in Keap is created with a deposit requested, the deposit amount displayed as "$NaN". When the payment is submitted with "$NaN" left unchanged, the full amount of the invoice was charged instead of the deposit
  • Some users reported their email sync had stopped working.

  • Some Custom Fields on the Custom Field settings page showed a value for "This field is being used to store data by X contacts" which didn't match the contact list filter results.

  • You were able to send a test email before clicking the Next button to add a subject line which caused the email not to send. And there was no indication that email was not going to send

  • You were unable to reply to text messages sent to your Keap Business Line if the number was not in your Keap app under a Contact record. When you attempt to reply back, the button did nothing but display a loading icon and no actions were performed.

  • When attempting to Add a product from a quote in Pro/Max, the name, description, price, and quantity were pre-filled with a non-existing product