WePay - issuing a refund within merchant center

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WePay closed its UK operations in August 2023. Customers will not be able to add a new WePay connection to their Keap account. There will be more information to come.

Most refunds are able to be processed via the contact's order record in your Keap app. However, there can be situations where the refund is done directly through WePay merchant center.  

If a refund is processed directly through the WePay merchant center, it will not reflect on the contact's order in Keap. However, you can manually apply a refund to the contact's order for reporting. For more information, click here

Refunds that are older than 60 days and/or amounts of $5,000 or more cannot be refunded though your merchant center. In these cases contact support to make a request to process the refund.

  1. Click "Reporting" in the menu on the left-hand side of the page

  2. Locate the payment you wish to refund and click the link under "From/To"

  3. Click "Issue Refund"

Note: If the charge is still pending the "Issue Refund" button will not be visible on this page.

  1. Click "Confirm" to process the refund