GDPR and requests to be forgotten

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As of March 17, 2021, Keap will modify our data protection features for handling privacy requests. Keap will continue to make it possible for customers to modify or erase contact information when a request is received, however we will be removing functionality that anonymized contacts.

What's changing?

  • Users will no longer receive notifications from Keap
  • Users will no longer be able access or modify the GDPR setting
  • The GDPR setting will be set to Off for all Keap customers
  • The "Revoke permission to use any of my personal data." option will no longer be available on the Unsubscribe page

How should I handle requests to be forgotten?

If a contact requests you anonymize or delete their data, you have two options to complete this request:

  1. Remove all personally identifiable information by editing the requestor's contact record to maintain depersonalized general information for reporting purposes
  2. Delete the contact entirely