August 27, 2020 | Keap

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CRM update: Access to more fields when adding a contact

Now you can add more information about a new contact right away in one window, saving you time and ensuring the detail you were "leaving for later" doesn't get left out. When adding a contact, click “Show all fields” to expand the list of available fields for your new contact. Learn more.

Custom dashboard update: New contact list widget

Pro and Keap Experience customers now have access to a contact lists dashboard widget. Keep track of your contact lists, select the ones you want to display, and shortcut right into them from your dashboard. Access it from any of your existing dashboard widgets, wherever you see the three-dot overflow icon.  Learn more

Campaigns update: Remove a contact from a sequence

Keep your campaigns neat and tidy by removing a contact from a sequence with this new option in the “Add to sequence” process. Whether you’re moving the contact to another sequence or just want to pull them out of sequence itself, this will do the trick. Learn more.

Need a hand? Additional in-app resources

We’ve powered up our help menu with links to our Help Center, Community, and a Learning and Support page. The dedicated Learning and Support page includes links to our product updates, known issues, details on how to contact Keap Support, and videos explaining how to use key Keap features. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • When logging in to Keap via, the page appeared to load before returning to the login screen. (Known Issue 2126633)
  • Using javascript embed code for a webform on a page that also contained javascript from PlusThis caused redirect errors. (Known Issue 2121272, 2113159)
  • When sending an A/B test email from BARD, the end time was always in Eastern Time regardless of user preferences. (Known Issue 1826478)
  • Campaigns which include decision diamonds and multiple forms failed to carry out the automation for that campaign. (Known Issue 2122241, 2097371)
  • Tags added to the “Smart List” category were deleted by the system. (Known Issue 1906531)
  • Some Google Calendar integrations failed to display appointments on the contact record, resulting in an error stating "There was a problem loading this contact's appointment activity". (Known Issue 2119330)
  • The contact record’s email history showed emails as being “opened by” the email sender instead of the recipient. 
  • Notes submitted via lead forms were not being saved to contact records.