Help panel and Learning and Support page

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Our in-app help panel and dedicated Learning and Support page include useful links, details on how to contact Keap Support, and videos explaining how to use key Keap features.

Click the question mark icon in the upper, right-hand corner of the navigation to access help.  

Help panel

The top portion of the help panel contains links to the Keap Help Center, chat with support, our community forum, new customer webinars, automation webinars, Facebook user group, and your Learning and Support page.

Relevant articles will appear in the lower portion of your side panel. The list of articles will be based on the page you are currently on. You can use the Search field to find specific articles.

Learning and Support page

Access your Learning and Support by clicking More resources in the help panel. This page contains three main sections: help resources, contact Keap Support, and getting started videos.

The help resources section includes links to the Help Center, our community forum, Keap's Business Success Blog, product updates, known issues, new customer webinars, automation webinars, and Facebook user group.

Refer to the contact Keap Support section if you need to get in touch with us for assistance.

Watch videos in the getting started section to learn about features you haven't used before or to brush up on your Keap skills.