Smart Forms - Create and use a Smart Form

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No two businesses are alike. With a custom internal Smart Forms, you can add fields that are specific to your business process, allowing you to capture all the essential details when adding a new contact. Design your form with the right fields for accuracy and efficiency.

How to create a Smart form

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. Select Smart forms 

  3. Click Create form

  1. Name your form and add an optional description to document the purpose of the form

Add fields

Smart forms include first name, last name, email address, and phone number fields by default. You may add additional fields or even remove the default fields.

  1. Click Add Fields at the bottom of the list of fields

  2. Select the desired field

  3. Repeat these steps until you have added all your desired fields 

Delete fields

  1. Click the ... button to open the overflow menu

  2. Click Delete field

Helper text

Helper text will be stored in an icon next to a field or underneath fields in your smart form and can serve as a reminder for what type of information should be gathered.

  1. Click the arrow icon to the right of a field to add help text to it

  2. Enter your helper text in the field

  3. This text will display when you hover your cursor over the information icon on your Smart form

To always show your helper text beneath a field:

  1. Click the ... button to open the overflow menu

  2. Toggle the Helper text is always visible to the on position

    The helper text will always be provided beneath the field.

Internal fields

Smart forms can be used to add tags or notes to your contacts.

  1. Scroll to the Internal section of the add field menu

    The Add Tags field will allow you to add tags or select an existing tags to apply to the contact

    The Add Note field will include a text field on your Smart form that will create a note on the Contact record

Form fields

Form fields are only found on the Smart form, and are not the custom fields listed on the contact record.

You can create unlimited form fields which can trigger automation in the campaign builder. Click here to see how!

  1. To add a form field to your Smart form, scroll to the bottom of the add field menu to the Form Fields section

  2. Select the desired type of form field

  3. Enter each field option for the form field on a separate line
    A checkbox form field allows for multiple selections

    A select form field creates a drop-down menu and allows only one selection

    A radio form field allows only one selection

Publish your Smart form

Your Smart form will save your progress as you're working. Once your form is complete, you'll need to publish it. 

  1. Click Save
  2. Click Save and Publish

You may also click Save and Exit if you want to stop working on your Smart form without publishing it.

Add a new contact with your Smart form

You can use your Smart form from anywhere in your app or within your Contacts page.

  1. To use your Smart form from any page in Keap, click the New button
  2. Click Contact
  3. Click Add a contact
  4. Select the Smart form to use
  5. Complete and submit the form

You can also access your Smart form when viewing your contact lists.

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page
  2. Click the button at the top of your contacts list
  3. Select the desired form
  4. Complete the form and click Save

 Update an existing contact with a Smart form

  1. Navigate to a contact record
  2. Click the More button
  3. Select Forms
  4. Select the form to use
  5. Complete the form
  6. Click Update contact