May 5, 2022 | Keap

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Separating the page names and the page slug (URL) on landing pages

Pro and Max users can now better customize landing pages by editing the page name and the page URL. This allows you to have a customer facing name as well as an internal name and provides the option to edit the page URL to be more descriptive for your landing page viewers. Learn more    

Contextual automation in checkout forms

Pro and Max users can now create and edit an easy automation while setting up a checkout form allowing for automation to be created in one step. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • KBL text message history wasn’t showing on the contact record unless it had been previously added from the Comms tab.

  • Clicking links or buttons from the email preview page would cause a page with "Sorry, but we were unable to find the page you were looking for" to appear, and Chrome would show a CORS error and 404 error.