May 19, 2022 | Keap

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Personalize the appointment booking time  

We’ve removed the 4 hours in advance booking rule for appointments. Now you can customize your advanced booking time in minutes, hours, and days. This opens up same day appointments allowing for a better booking and scheduling experience. Learn more

Social login

You can now use your Google Account to log into Keap easily and more securely. That means no more needing to remember a separate username and password just for Keap. Just click the Log in with Google button, and choose the email address you use with your Keap account. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • When requesting to port in a Keap Business Line using Google Voice Numbers caused an error that read "This number cannot be transferred to Keap. Unfortunately, your number is not compatible with our current carrier porting capabilities. Try checking another number."

  • Easy Automations would show an error and not publish if they contained another user’s appointment link.

  • If a dropdown option contained a + or % (for example 1000+) when filtering contacts, the search would return no results.

  • Merge fields were not populating in 1:1 text message templates sent from the contact record when that was the first text message sent to that number