March 3, 2022 | Keap

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Any vs all tag goal update

We’re adding flexibility to the Tag Applied goal in Advanced Automations. You can now choose if you want to trigger automation when any of the selected tags are applied to a contact or if all of the tags are applied to a contact. Before this change, the Tag Applied goal was always triggered once any of the tags were added to a contact. Learn more

Easy automations metrics

Get better visibility on the effectiveness of your Easy Automations. No more guessing if your automations are working. With the addition of metrics you can now see important stats like number of emails delivered, texts sent, tasks and deals created, and contacts currently active in the automation. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • When sending an Email Broadcast in the contact's time zone the email would send at the incorrect time

  • In some Pro and Max apps, the button to add a checkout form was missing if you hadn't completed the “Take a Tour” option on the Sales>Invoices page

  • In Advanced Automations, clicking the add contacts popup when publishing an automation would trigger tag applied goals in all other Advanced Automations that used the same tag