Navigation and information architecture changes

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The new navigation and information architecture for Keap Lite, Pro, and Max improves ease-of-use and helps you achieve specific outcomes. Additionally, a new visual navigation component has been created to help improve the overall appearance and experience of Keap.

How is this different?

  • Currently, the navigation and structure of Keap has been built around individual features. In the new navigation, features have been grouped by specific outcomes and items have been moved in some cases or renamed in others to increase clarity and ease-of-use.

  • Navigation has been condensed from 2 components (top and side navigation) into 1 (side navigation), adding vertical space to the app.

Main Navigation


Dashboard and Getting started

Related shortcutsNone

SecondaryPeople (formerly All contacts), Companies and Groups (formerly Contact lists)
Related shortcutsTags, Custom fields, Forms

PrimaryMy day
SecondaryAppointments, Tasks
Related ShortcutsNone

SecondaryCalls and texts (formerly Messages), Email broadcasts, Text message broadcasts*
Related shortcutsBusiness profile, Domains

PrimarySales (formerly Money)
SecondaryPipeline*, Quotes, Invoices, Recurring payments, Checkout forms*
Related shortcutsProducts and service, Payment processing

SecondaryForms, Landing Pages*
Related shortcutsEmail broadcasts, Text message broadcasts*, Checkout Forms*, Domains

SecondaryEasy, Advanced*
Related shortcutNone

Related shortcutsNone

* Only available in Keap Pro and Keap Max

Additional navigation elements

Search: Contact search results appear in the left panel

New (+ button)

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Emails

Help: Opens help panel


  • Account information
  • Notifications
  • Play Blueprints
  • Settings
  • Switch account
  • Sign out

Removed navigation items

The following items have been absorbed into other areas and no longer have their own primary navigation item:

  • Messages (Now in Comms)

  • Tasks (Now in My day)

  • Appointments (Now in My day)

  • Broadcasts (Now in Comms)

  • Pipeline (Now in Sales)


Additional notes

  • Clicking on a primary navigation section will expand the side panel and open the top item in the secondary navigation by default (i.e. Clicking on Contacts will default to People)

  • Removed keyboard shortcuts

  • Open or close the secondary navigation panel by clicking on the expand/collapse icon at the top of the navigation bar