Legacy email builders' maintenance plan

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The legacy email builders available in Pro, Max, and Max Classic were built using an older framework that is no longer being actively developed or supported by the development community. 

Browser support for this framework will eventually go away. We will retire all legacy builders and replace them with the new builder.

Our email consolidation plan focuses on technology and user experience by bringing modern technology, stylish design, and new features to all editions to provide a more consistent user experience.

The new email builder

The legacy builder's replacement is a much more sophisticated and feature-rich tool for creating beautiful custom emails. Pro and Max users have been using the new email builder since 2021 and have enjoyed features like multi-column support, a huge stock image library, a bigger selection of starter templates, much more customization options, more content blocks like a countdown timer, and much more. 

Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) customers now have access to the new email builder in the Campaign builder. The next step is to make the new email builder available for sending Broadcasts in Max Classic - that feature will be available in June 2023.

Maintenance plan

Starting on May 1, 2023, all legacy email builders are in maintenance mode: This means that only critical bugs will be addressed moving forward.

Some features are no longer supported, and feature requests will not be addressed.

Features no longer supported:

Import Legacy Template


  • Email broadcast - you can create a new template from scratch or use one of the templates available in the gallery in Email & Broadcasts/ New broadcast/ Email. New templates will be migrated to the new builder. Note: The new email builder will be available for email broadcasts in June 2023.

  • Email broadcast via campaign builder - you can use the new builder by creating a new template from scratch or use one of the templates available in the gallery in the new email builder in Campaign builder/Create your own/ Name your campaign/ Drag a sequence/ and choose Email message NEW (with the green label)

Legacy email in email broadcast


A few Max Classic apps have a Legacy email available under Other in the email broadcast dropdown. Due to the low usage of this builder, we removed it from the email broadcast dropdown. If you still want to use the legacy legacy email, you can access it from Contacts:

  1. Select a contact

  2. Click on Actions 

  3. Click on Send a broadcast

  4. Select Legacy Email Broadcast on the email broadcast page

Where can I find the legacy email builders?

Max Classic

"Templates" in the main nav menu

Email Broadcast

Campaign builder

Pro and Max

Email Broadcast

Campaign Builder: