December 9, 2021 | Keap

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Holiday email templates

10 NEW email templates to kick start your holiday email campaigns. These can be accessed in the Broadcasts as well as in the Advanced Automations. Use these templates to stay engaged and share out special holiday business updates.

Bug fixes

  • Zoom meetings created by a Keap appointment were not matching the duration of the Keap appointment

  • Orders in Keap didn’t display line items or payments when the payment was imported

  • Appointments Start Time and End Time were sometimes displaying "Your timeframes are overlapping" when they were not

  • Merge Tag Menu in the new email builder had erroneous labels that didn’t align with the merge fields

  • When filtering contacts, the delete button wasn’t showing up

  • Unable to add sales tax to multiple line items in invoices

  • Liquid merge was failing with an exception for certain templates

  • Users were able to change their KBL number multiple times

  • Some broadcasts using Unlayer show the incorrect stats and don't appear in the broadcasts list

  • QuickBooks Online Sync was not adding some fields to the contact record in Keap when an invoice was created in QuickBooks

  • New Landing Page forms failed to submit if the landing page slug is more than 40 characters