December 16, 2021 | Keap

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Appointments control for email broadcasts

Appointment booking links are getting their own tile in the New Email Builder. Appointment booking links are currently available under Special Links when a Button is added to an email. 

This new design will make appointments more easily accessible and allow our customers to more easily harness the power of scheduling follow-up meetings. If no booking links are available, the button will be grayed out. Learn more

Add single contact from email broadcast send page

Customers can create new contacts while in the Email Broadcast creations flow. When needing to send an Email Broadcast to a single contact or just a small group of new contacts, it can be disruptive to exit the Email Broadcast Builder, add the contacts in Keap, then come back and add them to the Email Broadcast. Now users can add the new contacts to Keap right from the sending step of Email Broadcast creation. Learn more

Landing pages custom domains

URLs for landing pages have been long and hard to remember. Small businesses will now have the ability to attach their own custom domains to their landing pages making it easy for them to control their branding. URLs will now be shorter and easier to remember. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • kbl.unified.comms.enabled was causing messages to show only phone numbers if the phone number was a specific format. This also caused the first name merge field in text
    message templates to show blank.
  • Appointments Start Time and End Time were sometimes displaying "Your timeframes are overlapping" when they were not.
  • Orders in Keap didn't display line items or payments when the payment was imported
  • Zoom meetings created by a Keap appointment were not matching the duration of the Keap appointment.
  • Merge Tag Menu in the new email builder had erroneous labels that didn’t align with the merge fields