December 3, 2020 | Keap

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Use your Internal forms to add new contacts to companies

Now you can access your Internal forms when you add a new contact from a company record. Now it's easier to maintain your workflow and use your custom Internal forms to capture the most relevant information for new contacts.

Bug fixes

  • The “chat with support” option on the Learning and Support page led to a non-existent page. (Known Issue 2201329)
  • Emails created in the text-only email builder included two different unsubscribe links.
  • Contact lists could not be edited if the list’s criteria included a tag that had been deleted after the list was created. 
  • Contact names that included quotation marks displayed the characters as “"”.
  • The “send test email” button in Easy Automations would sometimes display an error message and not send a test email.
  • Some Safari browser resolutions caused the total dollar value of Pipeline stages to be obscured by deal cards.