April 28, 2022 | Keap

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Time zone and language dropdowns  

Now you can add even more descriptive details about your contacts with ease on the contact record with a time zone dropdown and a language drop down. These fields will allow for additional segmentation and organization. Learn more

Keap marketing number (KMN) opt-in on landing pages

With the addition of the Keap marketing number, getting permission to send marketing texts is more important than ever. With this update, Pro and Max users can now easily add a KMN opt-in checkbox to their landing page forms. If needed, you can have an opt-in for multiple phone numbers on the same form. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • For some contacts or orders paid via Stripe 3D Secure, the payment would not show in Keap even though Stripe showed the payment as successful.

  • When using the new email builder within an advanced automation, adding the appointment block would display an error message in place of the button.

  • Sometimes when navigating to settings > tags, the list of tags would not load and an errorLoading banner appeared.