April 14, 2022 | Keap

This article applies to:

Anchor links for landing pages

Pro and Max users can now anchor links in a landing page to a specific section of that page allowing for more customization when organizing content. Learn more

Send a test email 

Easily send a test email to yourself or any of your users while still on the edit page. Learn more

Update a deal status from the contact record

Pro and Max users can now update the status of a deal to “Active”, “Deal won”, or “Deal lost” directly on the contact record. Learn more

Bug fixes

  • When importing a campaign from the Marketplace that had a Decision Diamond rule configured with a "Contact's -> Contact Fields -> Owner is empty”, the campaign would not publish.

  • When making a subscription update, the “My Account” page would not reflect the updated app version.

  • When making a subscription update through the Mobile app, the subscription change wasn’t reflected.