Create a Web Form

This article applies to:
  1. Click and drag a web form goal onto the campaign canvas.

  2. Name the goal and click Save. Now, double-click the goal to configure the web form.

  3. To access all of the available fields for a form, click the Field Snippets tab. From here, you can add, remove and edit the fields on this form.

    Pro Tip! You can use the Other snippet to create your own custom fields on the fly.
  4. Move to the Snippets tab and click and drag a snippet onto the web form - An image snippet for example

  5. Configure your field snippet and click Save.
  6. To delete a field or a snippet, hover over the item and click the Delete icon.

  7. Click on the Format tab to access all of the text formatting tools.

  8. Click on the Layout & Style button to configure the look of your web form.

  9. When you are finished designing your web form, click the Thank-You page tab and configure your Thank-You page.

  10. To test your form, just click the Test button and select a person.

  11. Once you've tested your form and are happy with it, change it from Draft to Ready.

  12. Click to go back to the campaign and Publish your changes.

  13. To grab the URL of the web form, or grab the code to place on your site, go back into the web form goal and click on the Code tab.

    Important! Every time a web form is changed, the javascript and hosted version will automatically update. If the HTML or HTML unstyled code is used, then the web form code must be manually updated on your website in order for the changes to take effect.