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Automated Text Marketing


Text Message Broadcast & Automation FAQs
Use Keap's Text message broadcasts and automations to send critical communication through text messages via a toll-free 1-800 number. Text messages have an open rate of 94%, much higher than email's ~21% open rate. This feature will initiall...
Link shortening for marketing texts
Keap's marketing text messages allow you to send messages to groups of contacts with broadcasts or automations. Link shortening allows you to preserve your character count by shortening long URLs.
Marketing text message templates
Save time by creating and managing templates for your repetitive messages so you never have to copy and paste them again. Look for the templates icon wherever you can send a marketing text message in Easy Automations, Advanced Automations, or Broadc...
Keap Marketing Number Settings
You can access your Keap Marketing Number settings from anywhere you write marketing texts including Broadcasts, Easy Automations, and Advanced Automations KMN Number and Billing Information Review your message sending rate and bill. Finding yo...