September 30, 2021 | Keap

This article applies to:

Custom fields management

A centralized location for managing all custom fields, both Custom contact fields and Custom company fields. Create, edit, search, sort, filter, and delete fields, plus see how many contacts or companies have data in that field. Learn more.

Change to contact edit 

An unobstructed view of the avatar will now be on the contact record. When exploring contact activity, a small “Info” link will appear next to the contact type to access contact details. Learn more.

Pipeline Analytics

Basic sales pipeline reporting for entrepreneurs with a manual sales process to gain visibility on where you should focus your efforts in order to drive revenue. Learn more.

QR Code Contact Card Share

When you are out networking, you need an easy way to share your contact information with prospective clients. There are now four ways you can easily share your contact information with the Keap Mobile app. Learn more.

Dashboard widgets

Two new dashboard widgets, one for tracking all sales and one for tracking repeat customers. These widgets have growth tracking for month over month comparison.  Learn more.

Tax Separation

Taxes will be broken out on invoices by tax type, rather than just “taxes”. This allows you to create invoices with tax details that might be needed for your municipality.  Learn more.

Easy Automations Timer UI Improvements

A simplification of timers in Easy Automations more clearly explains how the delay will occur. A duration of time, on an exact date, or based around an upcoming appointment.. Learn more.


The BigCommerce integration has been restored on the BigCommerce store and Keap customers can now integrate their BigCommerce transactions with Keap to trigger immediate follow-up. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Integrations Page would show "Could not load your integrations. Please try again." and users were required to refresh their browser to access the page.

  • Contact lists appeared to be loading contacts which are already there, which was causing other contacts to not appear.