Pipeline: Create a task

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Setup Pipeline automation

  1. Navigate to the pipeline from the main navigation menu

  2. Click the gear to manage you settings for that stage

  3. Click Configure automation

  4. You can select to apply an action when a deal is moved Into or Out of this stage

  5. Note:  When the tab is highlighted in "white" that is the automation being configured. For example; in the image below, I am configuring automation for "When I move a deal INTO this stage.."

  6. Choose Create Task

  7. When creating the task, note that the task will default to "Contact owner" meaning the task will be assigned to whomever owns the primary contact on the deal.  You can see who this is by viewing the primary contact and navigating to "owner" under details in the contact record.

  8. When creating a task, you can merge information from the contact record into the task title or the task note. Just click the hash symbol and choose the field that you would like to merge into the task.

  9. Click Save.

  10. When automation is saved for a deal stage a "indicator" will display on the gear

  11. Now, when a deal is moved into/out of that stage, that specific task will be created and assigned to the user specified in the task.

Task Indicators

When a task is created on a deal, a red indicator will appear letting you know that there are tasks to be complete on that particular deal. The number indicates how many outstanding tasks are associated with the deal.