KBL Verification

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Due to new regulations established by the FCC and enforced by our SMS carrier, in order for your Keap Business Line to continue to function without any interruptions in service, if you are using a Local Number with your Keap Business Line you will be required to go through a simple verification process.

Completing the Verification Process

When you log into your Keap application, you will see a popup form, as seen below. We recommend completing the form as quickly as possible. This is due to verification reviews currently taking 2-5 weeks, with the deadline for verification being August 31st. Therefore, the sooner the form is completed the less likely you are to experience any interruptions in service.


Q: What is the purpose of the Verification process?

A: To provide our SMS carrier with more information about your business, to ensure you can continue using your Keap Business Line without any service interruptions.

Q: Is there any way I can speed up the process?

A: At this time, the best way to ensure your number continues to operate without any interuptions in service, is to fill out the verification form as quickly as possible. It should take less than 5 minutes.

Q: Will I be able to continue to send/receive calls through my KBL if my number isn't verified before the deadline?

A: Yes, limitations in service will only impact texting capabilities.

Q: What if I use a Toll Free number with my Keap Business Line?

A: It is not required that Toll Free numbers go through the verification process.

Q: What if I close out the form and need to get back to it?

A: You can use this link. https://keap.app/communication/business-line/setup/verify