Creating and managing customer lists

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You can filter your contacts based on specific criteria or create a Contact List with that specific criteria, which will allow you to quickly take action  (i.e. "Potential leads" - follow up , sending email, etc.)

Filter Contacts

  1. Navigate to Contacts in the side nav

  2. Click on the Filter located on the top right side of the page

  3. Set the criteria for your search

    • Contact Fields

    • Custom Fields

    • Other (tags)

  4. Click View contacts button to see the list of contacts that match the criteria

    view contacts

  5. View results below the contact lists

  6. To reset the filter or see all contacts again, click the Filter button and click Reset button in the modal.

Creating a Saved List

  1. Enter the criteria to filter your contacts 

  2. Click on the "Save filtered contacts as a list"

  3. Enter a name and click "Save"

  4. Click Remove to clear out the criteria or Reset to start over

Updating a Saved List

  1. Navigate to Contacts 

  2. Click "View List"

    view list
  3. Click "Edit"

  4. Adjust criteria as needed and then click "Update List" or "Save as a new list"