Keap Mobile Business Line: Messages

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Install Keap Mobile to your iOS or Android device

A smarter way to contact clients. Call or text your contacts using your new Keap business line. With message and call history displayed in-line in your Keap app, you can quickly and accurately follow up with your clients from anywhere (Available for US users)

Main navigation

  • After setting up your phone number there are two places where you can use the Keap messages

    1. Communications tab
    2. The contact record


Where to find the conversations list 

  1. Go to "Communications"

  2. Under "Messages" you'll see all your conversations with each contact that you've sent or received messages to/from.

How to create a new conversation

  • To create a new conversation, tap on the blue "+" sign

  • Tap "New message"

  • Search for contacts that you have or enter a phone number to start a new conversation