Keap Mobile: Contact call history activity

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View your outbound call history in the contact record when you make an outbound call from the Keap mobile app.

Steps to view the contacts call history activity

  • Navigate to a contact record with a phone number saved

  • Make an outbound call by tapping on the "Call

  • After a call is made you will see the call history show in the Contact activity cards. Tap the "Calls" card to view a completely history of Outgoing calls.  

  • Click the "Outgoing Call" card to view that specific call card detail

Outgoing call FAQ

Question: Will this work with inbound calls as well? 

Answer: No, this will only work for outbound phone calls. This limitation is due to the way iOS handles call history as Apple does not allow third party developers to use this data for privacy reasons. 


Question: If Apple doesn't allow you to use call history how are you capturing this data? 

Answer: When you make an outbound call through the Keap mobile app, we have enough information to know that the outbound call was made. If you end the call and you have not navigated away from the Keap mobile app during the call, we also have enough information to take a best guess at the duration of the call. If you make a call to your contact through the native phone app, we cannot record or track that information.