Issuing A Refund Within Infusionsoft Payments Merchant Center

Tags: Payments

Below are the steps to issue a refund of payment, directly through the Infusionsoft Payments Merchant Center. Most refunds are able to be processed via the contact's order record in infusionsoft. If for any reason you need to refund a payment through the Merchant center, follow these steps.

Important Note! If a refund is processed directly through the Infusionsoft Payments, this will not reflect on the contact's order in Infusionsoft. Please review and address any manual adjustments/refunds to the contact's order in Infusionsoft, manually.

Important Note! Refunds that are older than 60 days and/or amounts $5,000 or more cannot be refunded though your Merchant Portal. Please contact support to make a request to process the refund.

  1. In the Infusionsoft Payments Merchant Center, click Reporting on the left

  2. Locate the payment you wish to refund

  3. Click the payment's link to begin issuing a refund

  4. Click the Issue Refund button on the payment details page

  5. Click the green Confirm button to process the refund