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Google and Yahoo Updates for Feb 1, 2024

2024 heralds significant changes in email communication as Google and Yahoo implement authentication requirements and spam prevention measures. For Keap users, this means a shift towards DKIM and DMARC authentication for all domains sending email through Keap.

Google's directive, impacting domains sending via Keap, aligns with their efforts to fortify email security and combat spam. DKIM and a basic DMARC setup become mandatory for compliance. If you set up DKIM prior to 12/11/23 you will need to reverify the domain using the new DKIM authentication process.

If you do not have a custom domain, please research and acquire one immediately. With these policy changes, you will no longer be able to use a free domain (like,,, etc.) for sending marketing emails, so get a domain now in order to be compliant with the 2/1/24 requirements. 

Google states that a complaint rate of 0.3% (3 complaints per 1000 unique email addresses sent to owned by a single provider) is their new threshold to prevent being rejected from their network. 0.1% is their documented recommended max and customers will start having emails junked at this point. More information can be found in this video

At Keap, ensuring a secure sending domain has always been a priority. We have improved our domain authentication process to help make sure you’re all ready to go, check out how to add DKIM verification (Pro/Max or Ultimate) and a DMARC policy (Pro/Max or Ultimate)

These changes aim to improve deliverability, build trust, avoid spam filters, and ensure uninterrupted communication. We strongly advise Keap users to set up DKIM and a basic DMARC record for their email domains to comply with these new standards.

In the coming months, detailed resources addressing these changes will be provided. We understand the complexity this might pose, especially for businesses, and our team is here to assist every step of the way.