New Articles

  1. July 2020 Product Recap

    July is a great month to build your business. We’re introducing Infusionsoft Analytics, offering major improvements to Keap’s Contact Record, and adding exciting new Keap Mobile features and usability updates.
  2. Keap Mobile Business Line: Change your registered number

    Your registered number is the mobile number tied to your Keap account and will enable you to send and receive Keap Calls from your personal device. By default, this is the number you verified ownership of when registering your Keap Business Line . ...
  3. August 6, 2020 | Keap

    Contact records have a fresh new look and Stripe payments now include contact information from Keap on the Stripe Dashboard.
  4. Custom Dashboard

    Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience includes the ability to customize your dashboard so you can see the information that's relevant to your business and remove the rest. The customizations made to your dashboard will update the dashboard for all o...
  5. July 30, 2020 | Keap

    More ways to get paid! You can now share a direct link to an invoice with your clients. They can access it and pay on any mobile or web device.
  6. Contact record and activity feed

    The contact record provides key information about your contacts and includes action buttons so you can easily book appointments, send messages, and much more, enabling you to get straight to work.  See your activity grouped by type, and quickl...
  7. July 23, 2020 | Keap

    We’re excited to bring the power of Keap Business Line to Canada (which unlocks the Messages feature, too). With Keap Business Line, you can stop sharing your personal number with business contacts, and keep all of your calls and texts organized in one place.
  8. Keap Mobile: Send a message with Siri (iOS)

    We know when you're hard at work, it's not always convenient or safe to pick up your phone and type a message. Maybe you're driving, working with your hands, or twenty feet off the ground on a ladder. With your iOS device, you can use Si...
  9. Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience

    Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience combines the ease-of-use and interface of Keap with many of the powerful features and benefits of Infusionsoft. The Keap Experience includes all features and functionality of Pro, such as Appointments, our Keap Busi...
  10. Analytics

    Creating custom dashboards is time consuming. Learn more about your business with less effort with Analytics.