GDPR - Tag Purchases with Performance of a Contract

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When someone purchases from you, you should apply a tag called, Performance of Contract in order to help be compliant with GDPR law. Performance of a contract means that the contact purchased a good or service from you and you feel that you have Lawfulness of Processing. You can do this quickly by simply adding a purchase action to tag automatically on successful purchase in the campaign builder.

  1. Go to Campaigns

  2. Click Explore campaigns

  3. Click Build your own

  4. Give it a name and click Save

  5. Drag a Product Purchased goal onto the canvas and double-click it

  6. Select Any Purchase and click Save

  7. Drag a sequence onto the canvas next to the Purchase goal so that it looks like this

  8. Open the sequence and drag an Apply/Remove tag process onto the canvas like this

  9. Double click the Apply Tag and choose your Performance of a Contract tag

  10. Set the sequence to Ready

  11. Connect it together

  12. Publish it.