Quotes - FAQ’s

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Q:  What is the difference between a quote and an invoice?

A:  The primary difference between quotes and invoices is that invoices are payable whereas quotes are not.  Quotes have the ability to be accepted through an ‘accept quote’ button and "converted to an invoice".  Quotes also have terms and conditions that can be added.

Q:  Can I access the products or services I already have in my app in a quote?

A:  Yes, you can access any product or service you have in the app for your quote. You can also create those line items directly in the quote and they will save to your app.

Q: Can I schedule quotes to be sent at a future date?

A: For the initial version of quotes, you will not be able to schedule the email to send the quote at a later date.  We will be working on releasing this shortly after initial release.

Q: Can I edit a quote after I’ve sent it?

A:  Yes, you can edit an quote after it’s been sent.  The quote will enter an “updated” state and the client will be able to view the changes on that quote automatically, or you can re-send the updated quote.

Q:  Will quotes trigger automation?

A:  You can use the quote status goal to trigger automation with quotes that are sent, viewed, and accepted.