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How to set up your Keap phone number

  1. Navigate to the Communications center

  2. To start setting up a phone number,  you will have to accept the terms of service. Click to see how to view the "Terms of service"

    Tap on the checkbox to accept the terms of service

  3. Tap on "Set up now"

  4. You will have to accept the explicit consent conditions

Setting up a number

  • Enter in an area code

  • After entering an area code, a list of 5 numbers will appear

  • You can select a number OR tap on Load more if the first 5 don't work

    You can see as many as 100 numbers

  •  Once you tap on a number you'll see an option to confirm your selection:


Verifying your phone

After confirming your phone number selection, you'll have to verify your device's phone number so that calls will be properly forwarded

  • Enter your mobile phone number

  • Tap "Send code"

  • You'll receive a message with a 6 digit code

  • You'll see a check mark confirming the code entered the correct code

  • Tap on Done

  • Click "Done" once you've verified your phone number, you'll be able to start using your new number


Once I set up a phone number can I change it? 
You'll have to reach out to our support team by going to Messages > Searching for Keap Mobile Team > and typing your request to remove your number.

What is the purpose of the phone number verification?
The phone verification will get enable inbound and outbound phone calls to connect with your new phone number. 

The first screen shows that it's a beta, how long will it be a beta for?
For the foreseeable future, the Keap Phone feature will be in a beta state. We have no planned beta end date. 

Accepting terms of service

  • To view the terms of service, tap on the Terms of Service link

    Tip: You can tap on the line icon at the top to make the terms easier to view

  • Once you have reviewed the terms you can tap on done to go back to the setup screen