Mobile app iOS - phone messaging

A smarter way to contact clients Call or text your contacts using your new Keap business line. With message and call history displayed in-line in your Keap app, you can quickly and accurately follow up with your clients from anywhere (Available for US, iOS users)

All call history

  • You can view all of your call history in one place by navigating to the calls section of the communication center


  • The call history includes outbound calls, inbound calls, and missed calls

  • When you tap on an individual call item, you'll see the call details


Contact Record Call History

  • You can view all the call history of a contact record by navigating to a contact

  • Once a single event occurs for that contact record (inbound, outbound, or missed call), you'll see a section in the Contact Activity labeled calls


How calls are connected using your Keap Phone number

  • In order to provide and use your Keap Phone number to make and receive calls versus your cell phone's number we use call routing technology. Here's an explanation of how that technology works

  • For outbound calls when a user initiates a call, your cell phone number > calls and connects to a routing number > this routing number uses your Keap Phone number > to route the call to your contact you are making the call to. The contact will only see your Keap Phone number

  • For inbound calls it is the reverse process. The contact calls your Keap Phone number > the Keap Phone number connects to a routing number > the routing number then calls your cell phone number. 

  • The onboarding process for this feature asks you to verify your phone number which is how we determine what your device's phone number is. 


Outbound calls

  • To make outbound calls you can navigate to a contact record that has a phone number saved

    NOTE: if no phone number is saved then you will see a grayed out call button on the contact record

  • Tap on the call button

  • You'll see a page and a dialogue that has the option to Call or Cancel

    NOTE: You may notice that the phone number that shows up on the outbound call is different than your contact's phone number. This phone number is your routing number that makes the call to your contact's phone number using your Keap Phone number.


Inbound calls

  • When a call is made to the Keap Phone number, the call automatically routes to your cell phone number allowing the user to connect to the call. 


Caller ID

  • By default when inbound phone calls are received, they show up on your device's caller ID as a standard phone call. This means that the call will not be identified as a call coming into your Keap Phone number.

  • Take advantage of a Keap Mobile app setting that allows your iOS device read your Keap contacts phone number so when a call is received from a known contact, your iOS caller ID shows the contact name. 

  • To enable this setting a user can navigate to their iOS settings

  • Scroll down and find Phone settings

  • Tap on Caller blocking and identification

  • Lastly, toggle Keap

  • When an inbound call is made from a known contact, the name of the contact will appear on the caller ID

  • If you receive a call to your Keap Phone number and the caller is NOT saved as a contact in Keap, there is no way for a user to identify the call is coming from the Keap Phone number for the current version. 

    NOTE: This caller ID feature can be enabled for all users including those that have NOT set up or a Keap Phone number.