Mobile app iOS - phone conversations

A smarter way to contact clients Call or text your contacts using your new Keap business line. With message and call history displayed in-line in your Keap app, you can quickly and accurately follow up with your clients from anywhere (Available for US, iOS users)

Main navigation

  • After setting up your phone number there are two places where you can use the Keap Phone Messages
    • Communications tab 
    • In the contact record
  • To navigate to the communications tab, tap on the bottom nav item that looks like a message icon


Conversations list 

  • When you navigate to the communications you'll see all your conversations with each contact that you've sent or received messages to/from.

Create new conversation

  • To create a new conversation, tap on the "+" sign

  • You can search for contacts that you have or enter a phone number to start a new conversation



Delete conversation

  • To delete a conversation, navigate to the conversation list

  • Swipe from right to left on a conversation

  • Tap on delete you'll get a confirmation to delete. Tap on Cancel or Delete


  • You can use the search function to search for conversations using the following option.
  • Search by first name
  • Search by last name
  • Search by phone number


Conversation threads

  • To see a message conversation, tap on a conversation you would like to see in the list

Send message

  • To send a message tap on the input (says message), write a message, and tap Send.

Message notifications

  • When you receive a message and you're not viewing the conversation thread. You will receive a push notification to your device. You can tap on the notification and will be deep linked to the message conversation

Sending pictures

  • You can send and receive pictures through Keap Phone feature. 
  • To send you can tap on the camera icon or the image icon
  • If you tap on the camera icon, you will get a request to access your camera
  • Accept the permission
  • Then capture an image
  • Tap on Use Photo
  • Tap on the Send button
  • If you tap on the image icon, you will get a request to access your photo library
  • Accept the permission
  • You will then see your image library
  • Select a picture
  • Tap on the Send button
  • NOTE: In the initial version you cannot preview the image (enlarge it), send and receive videos, or send and receive files.

Appointment links

  • You can send Keap Appointment links if you have set up appointment links in the web product. 
  • Once you have at least one appointment link set up, tap on the calendar icon
  • You will see a list of your appointment links
  • Select from one of your options
  • The appointment link will then paste into your message input
  • Tap send, and your appointment link will be sent

Marking a message as unread

  • You can mark a message as unread so you can go back and re-read it when you have the time to respond
  • To mark a message as unread tap on the message
  • Tap on Mark as unread
  • Once you've marked a message as unread, that message and any below that were received will be marked as unread. 
  • The badge and the unread indicator on the list will show which conversation is unread and how many unread messages you have. 

Starring messages

  • You can star messages so you can easily save and find an important message from your contacts
  • To star a message, tap on the message you would like to star
  • You'll see a list of options
  • Tap Star message

View starred messages

  • To view your starred messages, you'll notice that a new starred messages icon at the top right
  • Tap on the icon
  • There you'll see all of your starred messages
  • You can leave this view when you tap on the star icon on the top right or tap on the back button

Create new contact

  • You can create a new contact when you receive a text message from an unknown number 
  • To create a new contact tap on the avatar at the top of the message conversation
  • Tap on Add contact
  • You will see an add a contact form that will allow you to fill in the contact details
  • Tap done 
  • NOTE: In the initial version, you cannot merge to an existing contact, only create new contacts.

Call from a message

  • You can call a contact directly from the conversation list
  • Tap on the contact avatar 
  • Tap on Call