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When a call is made to the Keap Phone number, the call automatically routes to your cell phone number allowing the user to connect to the call.


Caller ID

  • By default when inbound phone calls are received, they show up on your device's caller ID as a standard phone call. This means that the call will not be identified as a call coming into your Keap Phone number.

  • Take advantage of a Keap Mobile app setting that allows your iOS device read your Keap contacts phone number so when a call is received from a known contact, your iOS caller ID shows the contact name. 

  • To enable this setting a user can navigate to their iOS settings

  • Scroll down and find Phone settings

  • Tap on Caller blocking and identification

  • Lastly, toggle Keap

  • When an inbound call is made from a known contact, the name of the contact will appear on the caller ID

  • If you receive a call to your Keap Phone number and the caller is NOT saved as a contact in Keap, there is no way for a user to identify the call is coming from the Keap Phone number for the current version. 

    NOTE: This caller ID feature can be enabled for all users including those that have NOT set up or a Keap Phone number.