Changing Your Outbound Number | Keap Business Line

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Your outbound number is the mobile number tied to your Keap account and will enable you to send and receive Keap Calls from your personal device. By default, this is the number you verified ownership of when registering your Keap Business Line.

Set your outbound number

  1. Tap the gear icon to open the Settings page
  2. Tap Messaging and Phone
  3. Tap Phone number settings
  4. Tap your phone number in the Make outbound Keap calls section
  5. Update your phone number
  6. Tap Send code
  7. Enter the verification code sent to your phone to finish changing your outbound number


Why do my incoming callers hear a message that my phone number is only setup for SMS messages?
Follow the steps in this article to ensure your phone number is properly set as your outbound number in Settings > Messaging and Phone. If this does not resolve your issue, please uninstall and reinstall the Keap mobile app. You may need to re-register your number after re-installing.