Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience

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Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience combines the ease-of-use and interface of Keap with many of the powerful features and benefits of Infusionsoft. The Keap Experience includes all features and functionality of Pro, such as Appointments, our Keap Business Line, and mobile app, plus the following:

The current version of Infusionsoft by Keap will be known as as Infusionsoft: The Classic Experience going forward.


Does this mean Keap will no longer support Infusionsoft: The Classic Experience?
We will continue to invest in new features, innovation and quality on the Classic Experience for current customers.

Will Infusionsoft: The Classic Experience customers be able to try the new Keap Experience?
We will begin inviting select existing Infusionsoft: Classic Experience customers to try the new Keap Experience soon. Any customer who tries Infusionsoft: Keap Experience will have the option to return to the Classic Experience.

What happens if I want to stay on the Classic Experience? 
Nothing will change if you decide to remain on the Classic Experience. We recognize that the Classic Experience serves the needs of many of our customers and will not require anyone to move to the Keap Experience if they are satisfied with their the Classic Experience.

How is the Keap Experience different from Pro? 
Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience has several additional features and capabilities that are important to expert marketers, specifically:

What Classic Experience features are not available in the Keap Experience?
At this time, Infusionsoft: The Keap Experience does not include the following features found in Infusionsoft: The Classic Experience:

  • Affiliate referral tracking 
  • Round robin
  • Shopping cart/order forms 
  • Select Campaign Builder goals 
  • My Day
  • Opportunity Records 
  • Company Records