How to Fix Low Inbox Rates and Content Issues

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When email campaigns are sent out, it undergoes third party checkpoints that measure the ‘spamminess’ of your email.  This measurement is used to help determine the probability of your mail ending up in your recipients’ inboxes. 

If you've received a compliance notification regarding one of the below issues, this information was received from a third party email monitoring service(s).  The stats related to this information are within a threshold of concern.

Percent of Email Categorized as Spam

A high percentage of your email content was flagged for being ‘spam.’ 


Low Inbox Placement

Based on an average of the past 30 days, a high percentage of emails have gone to spam/ junk folder. 


Resolution Steps

  1. See email ticket for specifics.

  2. Read ‘How to Avoid Content Filters’ and perform recommended changes to your email practices.