Default User Roles

This article applies to:
  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Click "Users"

  3. Click "Add a User"

  4. Type the name and email of the user or partner you'd like to add

  5. Select whether the user is an "admin", "manager", or "staff"
    1. Managers are restricted from adding/modifying users and accessing merchant information and account billing information (found in Settings > My Account)
    2. Staff accounts will only be able to see the contacts, tasks, appointments deals and quotes for contacts that they own. This is what the staff side-menu looks like:

Note: Partner emails will be validated to make sure they are a Keap Certified Partner

  1. Click "Send user Invite"
    1. This will send an email to the user inviting them to set up their username/password for the Keap App and they will have the Manager permissions