Campaign sequence - create order

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The “create order” sequence automates the order-to-invoice process, enabling you to integrate yet another aspect of your business. You can add products, set up payment options, and preview and edit the invoice before it sends. 

How to configure the "Create order" process

  1. Drag the "Create Order" process onto the canvas

  2. Double click to configure

    Click to view larger

Add products to the order

  1. Click "+Add Products"

  2. From the search located on the left type the name of the existing product

    or type the name of a new product and create it on the spot

  3.  Click "Add" in the bottom right

Auto pay payment option

  • The "Auto Charge" payment option will not send the email template in the "Create order" process

  • Instead it's recommended to add a delay timer followed by an email to let your customer know the order has been processed.

Edit text for payable Invoice email

This section is used only if an invoice payment option is selected

  • Select either "Send payable invoice" or "Send invoice without payment option"

  • Edit the text that will be sent in the email containing their invoice

How to make your "Create order" process and sequence "Ready"

  1. When done change both "Create order"  process and the sequence "Ready"

  2. Slide the "Draft" to "Ready"

    Note: If either the "Create order" process or the sequence is left in "Draft" it will not be published


Q: Can I upload a company logo from here?
A: No, you'll need to update your invoice logo in the Branding Center > Logos section of the product.