Broadcast Email Builder

Steps to send Email Broadcast

  1. Go to Broadcast from the left hand navigation.

  2. Click "Create a broadcast"

  3. Create your email content

  4. Define your audience

  5. Select the timing of your email

  6. Confirm to Send

  7. Complete these steps in any order and are automatically saved as a draft if you leave in the middle and show, which steps have been started and which have been completed. Orange indicates that the step wasn't started, Grey is Skipped or never started, and Green is completed.

Pro Tip! You can still access advance tool by clicking the "Advanced builder" located in the top right within the Email Builder.

Email Builder FAQ

What’s changed from the earlier version of the Email Builder?

This new email builder (located under “Broadcasts”) has been drastically simplified.  It emphasizes the basic features small businesses need including Rich Text, linking, and a signature block and is now fully mobile responsive, so that you can work on email broadcasts on your mobile device if you choose. 

As part of this new, simpler experience, we have removed certain advanced features that were part of our previous email builder.  This includes templates, HTML blocks, line breaks, content groups, image blocks, buttons, spam risk scoring, and A/B testing.  It is our intent to add some of this functionality to the new builder over time.  

If you do need access any of the advanced features, they are available in the Advanced Builder.  A link to the advanced builder is in the upper right corner of the new builder. 

Does this change impact the Email Builder that’s part of the Campaign Builder? 

It has no impact on the Email Builder in Campaign Builder.  It’s strictly for use in “Broadcasts”.

Where did my templates go?  Are they still available?

All of the templates you’ve invested your time on are still there - you can access them in the “Advanced Builder” (link in the upper right corner of the new builder).

How do I access the design blocks to add images, HTML, buttons, etc?

To access design blocks, the Advanced Builder will need to be used, which is accessed by clicking the link for the ‘Advanced Builder’.