How to configure your Billing Settings

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From Billing Settings  you can configure your currency settings, setup a merchant account, and create, edit, or delete products.

  1. Navigate to Settings

    business profile

  2. Once there, click "Billing Settings"

Currency Settings 

  • Use the billing currency setting to select the currency format and symbol that your customers see. When your customer makes a payment, the currency format and symbol will match the currency they are being charged in. Click here to find out more

Payment Processing 

  • Sign up with Infusionsoft Payments so that you can accept payments by click "Get Started", to find out more click here

  • You can also click "Add another payment processor" to configure, to find out more click here


Products and services

  • Click "Add a product or service" to create a product

  • Click "Edit" to make changes or delete an existing product.